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Deck and Mooring
Designed to assist the mooring master by providing comprehensive
surveillance of mooring and vessel-related parameters during
approach to the berth and while moored. Sensors monitor speed
of approach, mooring loads, weather conditions, oceanographic
parameters and detect any drift off. All of these values are processed
and presented on a control room display system which provides
graphical representations and lists of all critical data, and is available
in the harbour office and on ship.
The Berth Manager system integrates a number of sub-systems
which are all available as stand alone packages. These systems are:
Berth Management Systems
Vessel approach monitoring to provide real-time data on speed,
distance off and drift off. A high accuracy system that increases
during the critical approach phase and provides alarms in the event
the vessel moves outside pre-set parameters. The system uses two
eye-safe lasers to measure the distance of the bow and stern relative
to the jetty and relays data to the jetty control room and hand held
pagers on ship or a large digit display mounted on the jetty.
Protects jetty infrastructure by facilitating a smooth and gentle berth
Enables larger vessels to dock without undertaking expensive
infrastructure modifications
Improves vessel 'turn around' times
Improves safety
Provides evidence in the event of a dispute between the jetty operator
and ship owner following a collision
Measurement Unit Options
Metric (m, m/min, cm/s) imperial (ft, ft/s)
Distance Range
Long Range: 0-300m (0-1000ft) Hi-Accuracy: 0-60m (0-200ft)
Distance Resolution
Long Range: 0.01m (0.1ft) Hi-Accuracy: 1mm (0.04")
Distance Accuracy
Long Range:Typically 25mm (1") Hi-Accuracy: 1.5mm (0.05")
Speed Range
cm/s (0-40"/s)
Speed Resolution
Long Range: 1cm/s (0.1"/s) Hi-Accuracy: 1mm/a (0.003 ft/s)
Speed Accuracy
Long Range: 25mm/s (1"/s) Hi-Accuracy:1.5mm/z (0.005 ft/s)
Data Rate
Offset Range (to berthing line)
m (0-50ft)
Adjustable tripod
Data Rate
Laser OperatingTemperature
ºC to 50ºC (14ºF to 122ºF)
Laser Degree of Protection
IP64:IEC60529 (protected against ingress of dust and moisture)
Computer OperatingTemperature 5ºC to 35ºC (41ºF to 95ºF)
vac 50/60 Hz
Power Converter
Incorporated in carry case
Portable DockAlert Typical Specification: