Page 9 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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We bring the benefit of significant marine and operational expertise to all
our fender customers, working with them to ensure that they obtain the
best-fit, best value product to suit their fendering needs. The business of
Fendercare Marine was built on our ability to provide best in class fendering
solutions to our clients. We are not just a trading house, looking to sell
fenders on with a margin – we are also, via our ship-to-ship transfer division,
the world’s largest operator of genuine Yokohama-brand pneumatic
fenders. To put it simply, we wouldn’t stake our STS reputation on any other
brand of pneumatic fender.
These fenders are ideal for short-term port calls or one-off berthings;
interim fendering during construction or maintenance work; transfer
of cargoes at sea; buoyancy aids; providing vessel stand-off or
double berthing requirements. Additional fenders are provided to
naval specifications.
Our through-life support package involves not only swift and efficient
sale of new fenders, but also rental, hire purchase and repair/refurbishment
services. Highly trained staff at each of the bases in our global network are
able either to receive your damaged fenders for repair at our premises or to
travel to your site to undertake repair or refurbishment work on pneumatic
or foam filled fenders.
In addition to Yokohama floating fenders, we are now able to offer our
own brand of Hippo floating foam fenders along with a broad range of fixed
fenders and vessel fendering systems.
Our portfolio of fendering solutions can be summarised as:
Yokohama pneumatic and hydro-pneumatic fenders
Hippo floating foam fenders and donut fenders
multi-purpose fenders – for dockside or vessel-side installation
Hippo vessel fendering systems
fixed fendering systems
bespoke solutions
We would encourage you to not just think of us as a supplier of fenders,
but as a support resource upon whom you can call for guidance as to
the best and most innovative solutions to your fendering requirements.