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Deck and Mooring
The Portable DockAlert system is a portable tool for use in a non-
hazardous area of a jetty that allows monitoring and logging of the
speed of approach and impact speed of a vessel onto the fenders. It
is ideal for terminals that need temporary monitoring (while a jetty
that has sustained damaged is undergoing repairs, for example),
to carry out tests to determine the speeds that vessels are coming
in at, to comply with local regulations or to assess if a permanent
system is required. It is also perfect for terminals that have multiple
berth facilities, where a fixed system would not be suitable.
There are two systems available: Long Range and Hi-accuracy.
The long range system is a general purpose system with a range
of 0-300m, while the hi-accuracy system is designed for use over
m, but with increased accuracy (1.5mm) and resolution
mm), so that the final impact speed of the vessel can be closely
monitored at this critical time.
Both systems comprise a laser vessel approach sensor connected
to a portable computer running pre-installed Strainstall DockAlert
PDS software. The system is powered from a battery mounted in a
rugged carry case providing up to 4 hours operation.
Portable DockAlert
Portable DockAlert System Benefits:
Cost effective temporary system that protects jetty infrastructure
Improves safety
Can be used for testing/analysis purposes
Event logging to provide historical information
Ensures compliance with local regulations
Fast deployment on multiple berth terminals
Scope of Supply:
In carry case
Laser sensor with sighting device
Rugged portable computer with DockAlert ODS software installed
V 10Ahr rechargeable battery and charger
Data and mains cable
In carry bag
Height adjustable tripod with 3-way adjustable head