Page 88 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Deck and Mooring
The patented rugged foot switch is ideally suited for use in harsh
marine and offshore environments. It is unique as it has no moving
parts, so its function is unaffected by exposure to weather, salt,
water and other abrasive materials.
Load is applied to an element in the normal way which causes
stress, and the resulting strain is sensed by strain gauges. The
electrical signal from the strain gauges is monitored, and when a
pre-defined applied load is reached, a signal passes to a trip level to
provide switch function.
Fixed in a stainless steel housing that provides stability and protection
Protected cable
Hermetically sealed to IP67
Can be pressure or steam cleaned
Has ATEX/ IECEx certification for Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas
On/ off switch or variable speed control options
Fully stainless steel construction
Rated for use in high temperature environments to 60ºC
Proven field experience
Heavy duty, robust design
Maintenance free for life
Exceptional reliability in the most severe environments
Ideal for antimicrobial environments
Plug and play' design can be retrofitted to any existing foot switch
Rugged Foot Switch