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Deck and Mooring
Sea Catch Hydraulic-activated Units
The Sea Catch RAM model is a standard Sea Catch
unit fitted with a hydraulic cylinder mounted below
the device. Above the cylinder is a plunger which
penetrates through a hole in the body below the
toggle pin. When activated, the cylinder pushes the
plunger and the toggle pin upward causing the Sea
Catch to release. The usual manual release capability
is maintained. The maximum hydraulic pressure for all
hydraulic cylinders is 5,000 psi.
Sea Catch Squib-fired Units
Sea Catch Squib-fired models are standard Sea Catch
units fitted with chambers below the release lever
where a squib or squib-fired thruster is threaded or
inserted and secured. The units are electrically, often
remotely activated. The Sea Catch TR5SQ and TR7SQ
can now be fired solely with a squib although the use
of squib-fired thrusters offers far greater dependability,
firing consistency and safety. With the TR5SQ and the
TR7SQ, safe, split second release activation is provided
for both single load or multiple load releasing. Manual
backup release is maintained by means of the standard
lanyard pull on the release lever.
Sea Catch TR7RL
The Sea Catch TR7RL is simply a Sea Catch TR7 with a
release lever that is reversed. This modification allows
the operator to activate the unit from the side of the
unit (perpendicular to the line of load) or slightly below
that direction. Special care must be taken to stay clear
of objects being released under load.