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Welcome to Fendercare Marine
Fendercare Marine is one of the world’s leading suppliers of marine
equipment and services. With many years of experience in a wide range of
specialisations, we are uniquely placed to provide effective solutions for
any business involved in ships or the sea.
A member of James Fisher & Sons plc, the UK's leading marine service
company, Fendercare Marine is able to leverage the extensive capabilities
of other Group companies to provide complete solutions that create
superior value for our customers in the global marine sector.
We serve four principal markets:
Commercial marine
Ship builders, owners and operators, port construction and management.
Offshore energy
Equipment and services for rigs, pipelines, shore facilities and support
Our extensive offshore experience is meeting the new needs of businesses
investing in this vital area.
Jetty, berthing and shipboard solutions for the world’s navies.
Quality of manufacture, innovative designs and efficient service are the
hallmarks of all Fendercare Marine products and operations. Customers
are served by an extensive established worldwide network of supply bases
which bring local knowledge to our product and service development.
The Book
The Book lists our extensive range of equipment and services for
marine businesses. It aims to provide all the detail that you need
to select, specify and order the products that meet your needs.
If what is here does not precisely meet your needs, please view our
website or contact your regional office. We are sure to be able to help.
We can also draw together services and equipment to meet major
challenges and solve new problems, working in partnership with
customers around the world.
A member of James Fisher & Sons plc