Page 39 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Bespoke Solutions
The Hippo swiss cheese fender
was the solution for a navy requiring
a frigate-deployable submerged
fender for when one of their
submarines came alongside whilst
out on patrol.
We encourage our customers to bring us their fendering problems. Within
our market leading range of fixed and floating fender products, including
some of the world’s foremost fender brands, we can usually find a solution.
However, sometimes we need to apply our decades of experience to
thinking, engineering and delivering“out of the box”solutions to give our
customers the best possible outcome. Here are some examples.
The Hippo Modular Rig Pile System
was developed for an offshore client
who required fendering for a rig
leg 3.6m in diameter, with precise
positioning of a combination of
fixed and floating units.
Bespoke Solutions