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Fender Systems
Fender Systems
Hippo Vessel Fendering Systems
Hippo Vessel Fendering Systems are extremely lightweight but very
durable foam elastomer fendering systems which are typically bonded to
the hulls of vessels but can also be mechanically fixed if so required.
The inside of the fender is made of elastic polyethylene foam, which
provides the energy absorption. This core is then coated in protective
marine-grade polyurethane (PU), either via a spraying or moulding process.
Depending upon the application, we can vary the materials we use
i.e. the density of the foam, the material properties of the PU and the
mesh reinforcement system) to provide the ideal combination for each
specific project.
We are now, uniquely able to incorporate Kevlar™ reinforcement into the
PU skin of our fenders to give an outstanding level of durability, particularly
where high-wear areas have been identified.
Typical users
Anyone who is designing, building or operating a vessel where there is
a definite requirement for the fendering to be extremely light, to look
extremely good, or both.
Fender Systems