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Fuels Infrastructure
Yokohama is justifiably world famous as a leading
manufacturer of pneumatic fenders and marine hoses.
Yokohama Seaflex Ship-to-Ship (STS) Hose is specially
designed and widely used for offshore STS transfer
operations, with an enviable reputation for reliability
and longevity of service in the harshest operating
The outstanding characteristics of the Seaflex STS Hose
Heavy duty design - a high safety factor gives a burst
resilience of more than five times the operating pressure
Helix wire free construction - unlike hoses incorporating
helix wire,Yokohama Seaflex STS Hoses suffer no
permanent deformation when kinked and recover their
shape even after slight vacuum during operation
Electrically semi continuous - resolving problems of static
charge build up and dispersal
Yokohama Seaflex Ship-to-Ship Hoses
Dantec Composite Hoses
Dantec Ltd are at the forefront of the composite hose
field and can supply hoses to fulfil all liquid product
transfer operations.
From 1”to 10”bore, these advanced robust hoses can
be custom made to your specifications, considering
all usage criteria and the immediate environment.
Taking account of safety, ease of handling, reliability
and longevity, a Dantec hose will cover all your
requirements. Hoses can even be colour co-ordinated
to match your existing system.
All Dantec hoses meet national and international
standards including BSEN13765 or BSEN13766, IMO,
IBC and IGC codes.
Hoses include:
Danoil range – for petrocarbons/biofuels
Danchem range for general chemical use
Danflon range suitable for aggressive chemicals
Cryo range for LPG/Ammonia
Fendercare is not only a distributor of Yokohama and Dantec hoses, but also
an operator of them via our Ship-to-Ship transfer division. Put simply, these
are the brands we trust with our own reputation.