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Surface Preparation
Meeting today’s needs for surface coating removal
and preparation
Blastgreen wet blast machines can remove almost any substance from
any surface without the use of chemicals or toxic abrasives. Using a
combination of water and pure natural abrasives, delivered at pressures
as low as 2.5 bar, Blastgreen machines are ideal for a wide variety of
applications, giving total flexibility for cleaning of almost any surface.
Environmentally Friendly
Our green credentials stem not only from our recommending naturally
occurring, environmentally safe and silica-free blast media, ‘Olivine’
and 'Garnet' ; but also from our machines’ability to greatly reduce dust,
destructive rebounding and the problematic and costly matter of waste
Improving efficiency, reducing waste and limiting required resources also
dictates how green a product is. The reduced volumes of abrasive used in
our machines yield savings in material handling, transport, clean up and
disposal. One cannot overstate the value of dust containment when it
comes to protecting equipment, personnel and the environment. Using
our low pressure wet blasting machines will greatly reduce the harmful and
destructive effects caused by more conventional blasting.
We currently have machines working in:
ship cleaning and anti-foul removal
white line removal
building restoration
surface preparation
industrial cleaning
graffiti removal
underwater environments
Blastgreen Media Applications
Fine Olivine AFS 120 Suitable for delicate jobs such as furniture, soft masonry (brick, limestone), soft woods (pine, larch etc), and
Standard Olivine AFS 80 The formula most frequently used for anti-foul removal, masonry renovation (hard bricks, concrete etc), and
hard woods (oak, mahogany etc), guano and urban grime
Coarse Olivine AFS 50 A coarse formula used for paint removal where many layers are present eg. anti-foul, graffiti, road markings,
chewing gum etc
Supa-Coarse AFS 30 Suitable for removal of the most persistent problems. A fine finish will not be achieved, therefore suitable for use
on surfaces to be recoated (provides an excellent key)
Garnet 0.35-0.850mm Suitable for removal of severe corrosion (eg. flakiness) from steel, tanks, ships where a medium profile is
required, mill scale, stainless steel, road markings and concrete cleaning
Copper Slag Medium
Rapid cleaning of steel work to Sa 2.5 and Sa 3 with a medium profile to suit the majority of industrial coatings.
Suitable for ship hulls, tanks, storage vessels, bridges and steel fabrications
All blast media can be supplied in 25kg bags or in bulk bags
The materials our machines are being used to clean include:
glass reinforced plastic (GRP)
stainless steel
other metals
all types of stone
Our range of equipment has been designed to suit a wide variety of industries and applications and are available for
contract hire or purchase from stock. All machines have a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labour
and are provided with comprehensive operations and maintenance manuals. All machines and equipment comply
with HSE Risk Assessments.