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Load and Stress Monitoring
A simple and practical method of obtaining tensile load.
Capacities range from 2 tonnes to over 2000 tonnes.
They can be customised to suit individual requirements,
and as with our load cell range, sub-sea, extreme
temperature, hazardous area and telemetry options are
available. Available for sale and hire.
Wide range of load ratings
Environmentally sealed to a minimum of IP66
Special load bobbin design
Sub-sea, hazardous area and extreme temperature
variants available
Easy to install and use
Bespoke solutions available
Up the hole gauging options for improved accuracy and
Various data logging solutions including automatically
generated loading reports via a laptop
New integral aerial design to avoid accidental damage
No interference when using multiple wireless shackles
Extremely robust and reliable for long-term operation
Highly accurate readings
Ideal for reduced height load monitoring
Adaptable for suite specific applications
Time savings on installation and set-up
Cost effective solution
Load Shackles