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Lifting Equipment
Spreader Beams
There is an extensive range of operations where
spreader beams are used. Spreader beams are the
practical and safe choice for either long material to
prevent sagging and shifting, or for loads where the
weight has to be carefully distributed or suspended
from several points. They can take many forms but
are generally straight multipoint, cruciform or H shaped.
SWL: Can be supplied to handle whatever load
capacity is required.
Wire Rope Lifting and Pulling Machines
The wire rope lifting and pulling machine is one of
the most versatile and multipurpose lifting machines
available. They are widely used in most industries
where lifting and moving operations are carried out,
such as marine industry, heavy removals, construction
and civil engineering, tree works and vehicle recovery.
Models: 800kg, 1600kg and 3200kg SWL for lifting.
low weight-quick installation
no limitation in terms of wire rope length
easy to use, lightweight, robust, powerful,
increased wear-resistance
increase load capacity with sheave blocks
overload protection
precise load positioning within millimetres