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Lifting Equipment
Pallet Trucks
For the professional transportation of palletised goods
under demanding conditions.
There is a range of pallet trucks for use on lorries in
factories and warehouses and anywhere that palletised
loads are handled.
various fork lengths and widths are available
can be supplied with paint, galvanised or stainless
steel finish
models with built in weighing scales, high lift facilities and
tilt mechanisms available
powered pallet trucks also available
capacities from 2000kg to 3000kg
Permanent Load Lifting Magnets
Load lifting magnets are ideal tools for easy, quick
and thus economical lift and moving of ferro-magnetic
material. Typical operating areas are machine workshops,
steel fabrication factories and warehouses, etc.
The load is not affected mechanically which allows
lifting of flat, as well as round material.
The magnets are activated/deactivated easily by turning
the locking lever. In the activated condition the hand
lever will be safely locked and thus prevent unintended
flat material capacity: 100kg to 1000kg. These are
dependant on the thickness of material
round material capacity: 50kg to 500kg. These are
dependant on material diameter