Page 190 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Lifting Equipment
Hydraulic Jacks
Our range of hydraulic jacks and tools are designed
for professional operation. There is a hydraulic jack or
tool for almost every operation where heavy jacking or
moving is involved.
lift heights from 10mm to 500mm
load capacity 1 tonne to 1,100 tonne
a wide range of electrical and manually operated hydraulic
pump sets to suit each operation
an extensive range of valves, manifolds, couplers, hoses
and calibrated gauges to choose from
Manual Winches
A wide range of manual winches are available fitted
with either wire rope or webbing belt lifting or hauling
lines. This type of winch has a wide range of applications
including raising basket ball nets and chandeliers,
light engineering operations, on boat trailers and
many others.
SWL: 63kgs to 5 tonne
can be wall, column, base or trailer mounted
finish: Aluminium casting, painted steel, stainless steel
or galvanised