Page 188 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Lifting Equipment
Vertical plate lifting clamp
SWL 50-3000kg
Screw clamp
SWL 750-500kg
Round stock grab
SWL 100-4000kg
Camlok Lifting Clamps
Camlok offers the widest range of specialist lifting and
handling equipment available in the market. Their
quality, reliability, safety and cost effectiveness is second
to none.
The core product is the range of sheet metal and
steel plate lifting clamps.
Also available are clamps for lifting, turning and
dragging all varieties of steel beams, bars and profiles.
Specialist clamps for handling rail track, pipes and tubes,
oil drums, piles and concrete pipes can be supplied.
Special purpose clamps can be designed and
manufactured to meet your specific needs.
SWL in accordance with requirement.
Electric Chain Hoists
A wide range of electric chain hoists are available for
all lifting operations with load capacities ranging from
kg to 5 tonne.
Power supply range: 400v, 3 phase, 50Hz, 230v single
phase and 110v single phase. Most hoists can be
supplied with low voltage control to conform to the
various industry requirements.
Available with single speed or dual speed hoisting and
speeds to suit different applications.
Spark proofed and protection against ingress of water
or dust also available.
Various suspension methods to suit application include
integral powered trolley, push travel trolley, eye or hook.
Some hoist models come with a radio remote
control option.