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Lifting Services
Lifting Equipment
Fendercare Marine Lifting Services can supply a wide range of lifting
equipment backed up by full testing, inspection, Magnetic Particle
Inspection (MPI) and maintenance service covering all types of lifting
machines and lifting gear. Our range of after sales services include the
Proof load testing of cranes and structures, using either hard weights, water
weights or dead anchors. All equipment used to carry out these services is
calibrated and certified.
Proof load tests and testing to destruction of wire rope and fabric slings.
These services would be carried out at our works.
Proof load and light load testing of lifting machines and tackle using
hydraulic tensile test rig. These services would be carried out at our works.
Thorough examination of all types of lifting equipment and structures.
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) on-site or at our works.
Maintenance, repair and re-certification of most lifting equipment.
Lifting Services