Page 181 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Diving Equipment
Divers Hot Water Machine – Containerised
Twin oil-fired hot water machines are supplied in containers built to
specification BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1. These boilers provide heat to a
heat exchanger (calorifier) via a closed loop fresh water circuit. The heated
hot salt water then passes through a buffer tank before being delivered
to the divers. The delivery temperature of the hot water is controlled and
monitored electronically allowing 1
C incremental changes to the water
outlet temperature. A remotely located Hi/Lo 19" rack-mounted alarm
option is also available.
Gas Storage Cylinders – Transportable
We offer offshore transportable gas storage cylinder packs designed and
built in accordance with BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1. These are available in
cylinder types and capacities from 16 x 50 litre cylinders to 4 x 400 litre packs.
SCUBA Replacement System
The SCUBA replacement system consists of a stainless steel transit frame
containing an IMCA compliant two-diver control panel, regulators and HP
storage cylinders. The cylinder can be supplied in 200 or 300 bar pressure
ratings and in either 20 or 30 litre storage capacities. The minimum
number of cylinders per system is six and a maximum of nine subject to
your requirements.
Traffic Light DP Alarm System
The standard system comprises two stations: a bridge desk-mounted
unit and a 19" rack-mounted dive control unit which has red, amber and
green repeater lights plus an audio alarm. The two stations are linked via a
hard-wire umbilical and uninterruptable power supply with a minimum of
two hours battery life.
TV Cameras – Hat Mounted
Our hat-mounted cameras are designed specifically for the underwater
environment. The camera unit is housed in a robust 316 grade stainless steel
housing rated to 200m and can be supplied with a range of waterproof
connectors to suit your requirements.