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Diving Equipment
Repair, Maintenance and Refurbishment
We offer a service of refurbishment, testing, recertification and upgrading
of your own diving equipment. Services for diving companies range from
testing, refurbishment and recertification of decompression chambers,
through to redesign and repackaging of DDC dive control packages
compliant with IMCA.
We also offer the service of complete strip down and inspection of
all internal components for a range of Braden winches, carried out
in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations using
Braden-trained in-house personnel. We also service Kirby Morgan
diving helmets and band masks.
Index of Diving Equipment
Camera Mounting Brackets
A range of camera/light mounting brackets to suit various Kirby Morgan
helmets (Mk 17, 27 and 37). These brackets clamp to the helmet handle and
will accommodate a range of cameras and lights.
Compressor Packages – Containerised
Containerised compressor packages are supplied in containers built to
specification BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1. These units can be supplied with
either HP or LP compressors or a combination of the two with a choice
of electric or diesel power. LP and HP compressors, storage receiver and
cylinders, sized to suit the application, can be supplied and installed in
accordance with your requirements.
Deployment System Hydraulic Packages
Housed in containers or transit frames, these systems use twin independent
power packs to supply hydraulic fluid to the diver-deployment winches.
Both units have emergency change-over valves in the event of a hydraulic
failure to either deployment or recovery winch. Packages can be supplied in
a container built to specification BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1. In containerised
systems we offer an optional hydraulics tools power pack which provides
hydraulic fluid to underwater tools.
Decompression Chambers
We design, manufacture and supply decompression chambers in various
diameters from 1.5 to 2.0m to comply with Lloyds or DNV rules and client
specific requirements.
Decompression Packages – Containerised
Containerised Deck Decompression packages are supplied in container
lengths and widths to meet your requirements. Offshore packages are in
containers built to specifications BS.EN:12079 or DNV 2.7.1. All units can
be fitted out with insulation, heating, cooling and dual function packages
as required.