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Diving Services
Underwater Inspection and Non Destructive
Testing (NDT)
A full range of underwater inspection and NDT services, carried out by
approved operators and technicians, certified by recognised industrial
bodies such as the Certification Scheme for Weld Inspection Personnel
CSWIP) and classification authorities. All inspection and NDT operations
are covered by the operational and reporting procedures as laid down in
the Fendercare Marine Inspection Manuals and Safety Management System.
Underwater Surveys
We have managed many UWILD (Underwater in Lieu of Dry Docking)
surveys in conjunction with major Certifying Authorities’for vessel
classifications. This allows, for example, ‘jack-up’rigs in the North Sea to
be inspected on location to prevent a costly break in production.
Vessel Inspection and Maintenance
Underwater inspection and maintenance services for vessels afloat,
covering hulls, propellers, rudders and thrusters. Our divers carry out
underwater inspection, NDT and cleaning. Your onboard representative
can observe and communicate with the diver via head-mounted closed
circuit television cameras and diver surface audible communications.
Still, audio and video records are made for review and analysis.
Weld Cleaning and Surface Preparation
As with conventional surface inspection techniques, cleaning and
preparation is of paramount importance. We provide underwater
high-pressure water-jet cleaning equipment and low-pressure grit
blasting equipment to clean the surface area to be inspected to comply
with your procedures, typically cleaning to SA 2.5 prior to MPI, AFCM and
CVI techniques.
Wellhead Surveys and Remedial Works
We provide dive support vessels, air diving personnel and equipment to
carry out inspection and remedial work programmes on subsea wellheads
and associated wellhead protection frames in the North Sea and overseas.
The scope of work encompasses wellhead cleaning, valve checks, component
change outs (jumper leads, etc) maintenance and decommissioning.