Page 176 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

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Diving Services
Salvage Recovery
Salvage operations for the recovery of dropped objects from offshore rigs
and platforms, assets from sunken vessels and aircraft.
SBM and SPM Inspection and Maintenance
Technical support services, personnel and equipment for the topside
and underwater inspection and maintenance of SBM’s and associated
submarine pipelines. We are contracted to the UK Ministry of Defence
for SBM inspection and maintenance in the Falkland Islands. We also
subcontract personnel and equipment to other maintenance companies
to assist them with their individual programmes.
SBM Change Outs
We are also heavily involved with the planning and implementation of
SBM change out, the most recent change out being that carried out in the
Falkland Islands in 2010.
Scour Surveys and Remedial Works
We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in identifying and
combating scour around fixed offshore structures, pipelines and jack-up
rigs. Jack-up rig spud cans are very susceptible to scour. Remedial works
include rock dumping, placement of sand bags, anti-scour mats and
concrete mats.
Sewage Treatment Works Inspections
Specialised underwater CCTV equipment for the monitoring of sediment
movements within treatment works and dive teams for ongoing
maintenance of water reservoirs. This includes general inspection and
maintenance and the design and installation of underwater reservoir
aeration systems.
Shore End Landings
We have experience in shore-end landing operations in the Southern North
Sea wind turbine markets, (Scroby Sands Wind Farm on Gt Yarmouth Beach
and the Kentish Flats Wind Farm) and overseas in Egypt on the beaches in
the Gulf of Suez and Alexandria.
Temporary Dams
We can supply, install and maintain shallow water dams to allow engineers
to work in the dry on shallow water riverbeds and foundations.
Underwater Cutting
Hot and cold cutting techniques include cold diamond wire cutting, hot
thermal lance cutting, rotary diamond disc cutting, grinding, HP water
jetting and HP water and grit entrainment. We have in-house procedures
and generic risk assessments.