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Diving Services
Pipeline Inspections
Interfield and main export pipelines are subject to many problems such
as scour, reduced cathodic protection, physical damage and debris.
We provide inspection and survey procedures and remedial techniques
including pipeline de-burial and stabilisation. Services include the
installation, inspection and repair of anti-scour systems, cathodic
protection, CP continuity straps, anode beds, weight coats and coatings.
Pipeline Stabilisation
Personnel and equipment for submarine pipeline stabilisation programmes,
including assistance with pre and post rock-dump surveys, placement
of sand bags and/or grout bags including subsea grouting operations,
installation of anti-scour frond mats and concrete mats.
Pipeline Tie-Ins
Our experienced dive teams and back-up personnel support submarine
pipeline tie-ins, working in the air depth range and tidal waters of the
Southern North Sea andWest Africa.
Pipeline Metrology
Alongside pipeline and riser tie-in services we offer a subsea metrology
facility, including ‘Pup Piece’design, manufacture and test.
Pre-Purchase Surveys
Acting on behalf of purchasers we inspect and report on the condition of
quayside piling and moorings prior to purchase. These surveys will include a
GVI (General Visual Inspection) of the quayside above and below the water
line including a video survey, ultrasonic wall thickness readings, cathodic
protection surveys and scour assessments. The reports will consist of a written
assessment accompanied with video footage and stills where appropriate.
Reservoir Inspections and Remedial Works
We have many years experience in working alongside panel engineers in
the UK for inspection, construction and remedial works to reservoirs.
We have experience of project management and provision of underwater
diving and ROV services in preparing reservoirs for 1,000 year flood defence.
Riser, ‘J’ and ‘I’Tube Installation
Design, installation and maintenance of ‘J’and ‘I’tubes based on experience
in the tidal waters of the Southern North Sea and overseas.
River and Long Sea Outfalls and Intakes
Complete facilities and project management for the inspection and
replacement of long sea and river outfalls for utilities and water authorities.