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Diving Services
We build and supply underwater airlifts and self-burying cofferdams. These
are used for the de-burial of power cables and pipelines and access to
subsea structures where excavations are subject to backfilling by sediments
carried by the tidal flow.
Damage Assessment for Insurance
We can locate, identify and inspect a vessel on the seabed to confirm its
status and the status of its cargo.
Debris and Seabed Clearance
Debris surveys and seabed clearance programmes as part of annual
offshore subsea and IRM programmes and prior to rig moves, wellhead
clearances and salvage operations. Inshore debris clearance works have
also been carried out as part of our reservoir, harbour, river and civils
inspection and maintenance programmes.
Harbour and Bridge Inspections
Working for local councils, harbour boards and authorities, we carry
out quayside inspections and remedial works. We identify areas of
accelerated low-water corrosion in steel-piled quayside structures, poor
areas of cathodic protection, physical damage and washouts, dangerous
protrusions, damage to outfall and intake structures and riverbed scour.
Hull Cleaning
Hull cleaning by divers to reduce water drag for a more productive passage
avoids the costs and downtime of dry docks.
Marine Growth Inspection and Clearance
Many forms of underwater and splash zone marine growth clearance
equipment and procedures, ranging from simple hand scrapers, hand and
rotary wire brushes, HP and LP water-jetting systems with needle and fan
jets and low-pressure grit cleaning techniques.
Mooring Installation, Maintenance and Inspection
Inspection, maintenance and replacement of subsea moorings.
Fendercare Marine is one of the largest distributors of subsea mooring
equipment, chains and buoys with access to bases located in 15 countries.
We provide topside and subsea personnel, equipment and spares to keep
your facility fully operational.
Offshore Platform Annual IRM Programmes
Our team has carried out annual subsea Inspection, Repair and
Maintenance programmes for many of the majors in the North Sea and
Middle East. We supply the DSV, personnel and equipment to meet your
requirements and the operational and project procedures to comply with
your standards and government legislation, including IMCA guidelines and
best industry practice.