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Diving Services
Harbour, Port and Mooring
Quay and bridge inspection and maintenance, marine growth inspection
and clearance, scour surveys, subsea mooring, anti-corrosion protection
SBM inspection maintenance and change out, debris and seabed clearance,
pre-purchase surveys.
Civil Engineering and Utilities
Inspection and remedial action for reservoirs, rivers, outfall and intakes and
sewage treatment works, subsea cable and pipe location and maintenance,
cofferdams and temporary dams.
Index of Diving Services
Anti-Corrosion Installation
Project management, preparation and installation of anti-corrosion coatings
to piles, offshore structures and jetties in the North Sea, Middle East and
the Bahamas.
Cable Location
Subsea cable and pipeline detection using magnetometers or tone
induction for location of submarine cables, pipeline recovery, crossover
installation or repair and maintenance programmes.
Cathodic Potential Surveys and Anode Replacements
Checking and recording the existing effectiveness of current cathodic
protection system and replacing depleted anodes.
Clamp Installations
Inspection and repair of subsea clamps to offshore structures and pipelines.
We have a large selection of procedures to support these operations,
including hydra-tightening and torque checks, protective coatings, CP
continuity checks and remedial actions.
Closed Circuit Television Surveys
We have tried and tested closed circuit television techniques for the
transmission of subsea images carried out by divers or remotely operated
vehicles. Images are transmitted in real time to your representatives or
classification society’s surveyor on the surface, where the combined
video images and audible footage are recorded for analysis, reporting
and archiving.