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Diving Services
This list of services is not exhaustive. We are regularly meeting new
challenges, developing new equipment and devising new techniques and
procedures to meet the evolving needs of the industry. If you have
an underwater need, please contact us.
General Techniques
Weld cleaning and surface preparation, underwater cutting, clamp
installation, anti-corrosion protection, CCTV surveys, inspection and
non-destructive testing, salvage identification and recovery.
Hull cleaning, cathodic protection, UWILD surveys, CCTV surveys,
pre-purchase surveys, damage assessment for insurance.
Offshore Oil and Gas
Cathodic protection, annual IRM surveys, UWILD surveys, pipeline
inspection, stabilisation, tie-ins and metrology, scour surveys, riser
installation, wellhead surveys and remedial works.
Maintenance of subsea structures, shore-end landings and riser installation.
Cable and detection repair support services.
Diving Services