Page 168 - Fendercare Marine - The Book

Drawings and picture references are for illustration purposes only.
Subsurface Buoys
Our combination of subsea materials technology and
processes allows us to design and supply products for
many other subsurface applications.
These can be as simple as the pictured transponder
collar. However, the projects we get involved in can
also be as detailed as the consulting, design and
manufacturing we were engaged to perform for the
most complex sets of submersible buoyancy ever
produced, also pictured.
Other areas to which we are applying, or have applied
our expertise, include combined jumper/umbilical
flotation and protection and distributed/riser buoyancy.
For the vast majority of work of this type, there are no
specification tables which we can provide to arrange
standard data into a neat format. This is all about
our customers bringing us their subsea design and
operational challenges and working with us to develop
a technically robust and cost effective solution to those
challenges – in which respect we act as an extension of
their own engineering capabilities.
So the service which we are proposing here is the
application of our materials, our experience and our
expertise to assist our customers in finding the best
possible outcomes to their subsea headaches. We
welcome such headaches, and the opportunity to show
our customers how we can solve them for you.
Other Subsurface Flotation