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Subsurface Buoys
Modular Subsea Buoy
Wherever there is a requirement to safely moor a
floating offshore structure, it is highly likely that the
mooring system will comprise one or more subsea
mooring buoys.
The principle of these buoys is that the flotation
modules are mounted onto a through-member made of
steel. This steelwork, configured and rated in accordance
with customer requirements, integrates structurally
within the rest of the mooring system, leaving the
flotation units unstressed.
The nature of these modular buoys is that the number
of modules can be adjusted to meet a specific buoyancy
requirement and also that any damaged module can be
replaced in isolation.
This range of buoys offers net buoyancy from 500kg
to 20t, at depth ratings from 250m down to 3000m.
Bespoke buoys can also be manufactured in larger or
smaller sizes.
The matrix showing all possible combinations of
modules, depth ratings and resulting net buoyancies
would be massive. Below you will find line drawings of
the mini, standard, large and maxi ranges. Tell us how
much buoyancy you will require, and to what depth it
needs to be rated, and we will quote you the most cost
effective way to meet that requirement from amongst
these options.
Large / Maxi Modular Buoy
Standard Modular Buoy
Mini Modular Buoy