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Offshore Buoys
Other Offshore Flotation and Protection
Besides the ranges of commonly-requested buoys
listed within this section, we also design and
manufacture a complete range of floats for hoses,
pipes, ropes and many other applications.
For rope use, we have single and double hawser
designs, all manufactured from the same combination
of extremely durable, high-visibility, self-fendering
materials as our ranges of buoys and fenders. These
can easily be tailored to guarantee a specific amount
of buoyancy.
Within the hose market, we are able to offer floating
Y-pieces and reducers in either standard or bespoke
configurations. We also design and supply hose floats.
For pipeline installation work, we offer pipelaying
flotation modules, more details of which can be found
in the subsurface buoyancy section of this publication.
And in response to an FPSO operator off West Africa
who brought us the problem of his offloading hose
getting damaged when coming into contact with riser
chain, we developed a moulded protection system
which we are now supplying to others looking to
minimise hose casualties and related downtime.