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Floating Fenders
Hippo Floating Foam Fenders
Our in-house Hippo brand, manufactured in the UK, is one of the world’s
leading designers and manufacturers of floating foam fenders.
The use of memory foams for the fender core, which have high compressive
strengths, results in an ability to absorb a great deal of energy during
operation. This is complemented by low reaction forces, making berthing
operations easier – especially in difficult conditions.
Users also gain peace of mind from knowing that the closed cell
structure of the foams used by Hippo means that these fenders are
virtually unsinkable and will keep functioning – even if damaged
beyond viable repair.
Although fitted as standard with highly durable nylon reinforcement to
the outer skin, we are now uniquely able to offer Kevlar™ reinforcement
systems to those customers seeking the highest possible level of protection
from in-service damage and therefore, the best possible return on
their investment.
One other feature worthy of mention is the simple yet unique internal
structure of the fenders which allows the shear loads to be absorbed by a
through-chain arrangement terminating in end-shackles rather than the
body of the fender itself. This has been engineered so that in the event of
overload, any damaged components of this system can be replaced in
isolation – as opposed to other foam fenders where the end-fittings form an
integral part of the internal workings of the fender and which, if damaged
by shear forces, can lead to the fender being written off.
Key features of Hippo fenders
High energy absorption/low reaction force
Virtually unsinkable
Simple, effective internal engineering
Low maintenance costs
Easy installation
Non-marking PU elastomer skin
Optional Kevlar™ reinforcement
Available with best in class Fendercare Marine chain and tyre nets
Standard range supplemented by bespoke design service
Typically Hippo floating fenders would be supplied as cylindrical units,
but due to our flexible manufacturing processes and our commitment to
offering best possible assistance to our customers, we have also supplied
spherical, rectangular and cog-type fenders.