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Navigation Buoys
m Minor Light Tower
m Minor Light Tower
Hippo GRP Minor Light Towers
Tower Reference
Height (m)
MLT 5.5
MLT 7.0
MLT 8.5
MLT 10.0
MLT 13.0
MLT 15.0
Hippo Marine manufacture a range of Minor Light
Towers that are constructed using modular sections
to enable easy transportation to and erection at
remote locations.
These towers have the following features:
Hippo Marine’s GRP towers are of modular construction
manufactured with a UV stabilised isophthalic gelcoat
and resin, at a minimum thickness of 8mm, requiring little
A range of tower heights available up to 15m
The towers are locally reinforced by way of the flanges to
produce a design of immense strength, allowing them to
withstand gale force winds
Access to the door section is via an external ladder. The
ladder is removable to minimise theft or vandalism. Access
to the lantern is via an internal ladder at the top. The top
platform is fitted with guard rails to enable safe access to
the lantern for maintenance purposes
The towers can be fitted with stainless steel frames to
support solar panels
Each tower is supplied complete with lifting davit kit for
on-site assembly
The batteries can be stowed either at door level or at
ground level within the cone section
Colours are in accordance with IALA marking standards
Towers have been certified to withstand winds of up to 56
metres per second (125mph)
A comprehensive range of lighting systems are available