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We offer a best-in-class solution to just about any surface or subsurface
buoyancy requirement from customers throughout the world. If we cannot
meet a requirement from our extensive range of off the shelf products, we
apply our experience and engineering expertise to design a new solution.
In addition, with the recent acquisition of a leading firm of naval architects,
we have now added mooring system design to our bespoke product
design capability.
Steel has been the material of choice for surface buoyancy applications
for many decades and we still offer steel buoys to those customers who
prefer them.
However, for more than 20 years, there has been a shift away from the
significant capital and labour costs involved in building, deploying
and maintaining steel products. The growing preference is for modern,
lightweight, low-maintenance forms of plastic buoyancy.
Within the Fendercare Marine group of companies, we have two
designers and manufacturers of plastic buoyancy, both serving a global
customer base.
Australian Commercial Marine (ACM) has a long-established and
market-leading range of mooring and navigational buoys manufactured
from rotationally-moulded polyethylene. They have harnessed a unique
foam sandwich”variant of this technology, to offer buoys with outstanding
collision-absorption properties. Others may seek to emulate them, but
there is only one genuine range of ACM buoys.
Hippo Marine is a world-renowned UK-based manufacturer of
elastomer-type buoys, the same technology that they use in foam-filled
fendering solutions. This results in self-fendering surface buoys which are
specifically designed to absorb impacts without either suffering or causing
damage, making them the preferred choice for offshore operations.
We can also introduce Kevlar™ reinforcement into the elastomer skin of
the products to offer outstanding durability for heavy-duty work.
We have also recently developed a subsurface buoyancy capability in
a product line now being delivered to offshore and governmental
customers worldwide.
Our product range covers four main product areas:
mooring buoys
navigational buoys
offshore surface buoys
subsurface flotation