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Floating Fenders
We have the widest possible experience of the varying needs of a protective
net and offer a range to meet all needs:
lightweight nets to meet ship’s crane and davit limitations
heavy duty nets to cope with harsh sea conditions and high snatch loads
double nets to offer stand-off options
non-marking tyre nets for navy and cruise ship applications
rope nets for ultra lightweight applications
stainless steel nets for non-magnetic requirements
All Fendercare Marine nets are designed with ease of maintenance in
mind. The net is built in sections so it remains easy and cost effective
to repair, should a specific area of the net sustain damage.
Each fender has the following markings:
identification requirements
international standard number and applicable year
size (diameter and length)
initial internal pressure
date of manufacture
name of manufacturer
individual serial number
type of reinforcement layer
RFID tagging system
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is now fitted to all Yokohama fenders.
A tag is buried in both ends of the fender enabling easy reading however
they are positioned. This RFID tag was introduced so you can identify the
individual fender should the standard markings become unreadable.
It will also assist in the maintenance of records and inventories over the
Fendercare Marine are able to supply the RFID Tagging Reader as an
optional extra. This reader can read all RFID tags mounted on fenders
manufactured to this specification.
Fendercare Marine also maintains a database of all Yokohama fenders that
are sold worldwide and can therefore assist in returning fenders to their
rightful owners, should they become lost or stolen.
Each fender is supplied with a certificate, detailing the following:
material for rubber and fitting metal
satisfactory results of tests
record of compression test
dimension and weight
record of serial number and RFID tag number