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Fender Systems
Yokohama Floating Fenders –
Pneumatic 50/80
Yokohama began manufacturing floating pneumatic fenders in 1958.
Since then, more than 60,000 Yokohama fenders have been supplied into
ship-to-quay and ship-to-ship applications worldwide. Put quite simply,
over the course of the past half-century more people have put their faith
in Yokohama fenders than in any other brand of pneumatic fender.
And that faith has been justified by the durability and longevity of the
fenders – providing an outstanding return on the investment which their
owners have made in them.
ISO 17357 is now firmly established within the marine industry as the
international standard for the manufacture, testing and performance of
pneumatic rubber fenders.
Over the years Fendercare Marine has discovered that although other
manufacturers may be claiming full compliance to ISO 17357, it can be
demonstrated that in certain cases irregularities have been found where
fenders that have been supplied as compliant do not in fact comply with
the standard in one or more of the following criteria:
incomplete material tests
hydrostatic pressure test wrongly conducted or failed
incorrect evaluation of angular and durability tests
incorrect reinforcement material used
rubber specifications not meeting ISO 17357 requirements
certificates out of date or non-existent
Floating Fenders